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About Centier Structures

We like to interact with people, so when the opportunity arose to sell these sheds for a local family owned business in our community because of them not having a location suitable for it we decided to pursue it. The satisfaction of having a product that you can trust the quality and a manufacture to work with that understands schedule and price factors it has been a blessing for both the builder and us.

Our desire is to provide our customers with a quality product for a reasonable price and build relationships with the people we meet.

God has blessed us with health and strength and we want to use the ability and gifts that he gives us to faithfully serve him.

Mose Nisley

About The Owner
Getting you the structure you need...

I discovered at a pretty young age that I liked to build things. Woodworking was where I found my niche and I’ve enjoyed it ever since building cabinets for kitchens in my other business, Centier Specialties. Today there’s a whole crew that builds the structures we sell. My goal is to sell quality structures for my customers and make sure they have the building they are looking for at a price they can afford.¬†


Our Location and The Area We Serve

We serve the whole state of Ohio. Our shop is located in Warsaw OH, and we primarily serve the area south of our location.

But at the same time we will sell you a building even if you are north of us.

Cites We Focus On

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